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considerations for recycling of fibc bags?

food grade super sacks

fibc bags is a large plastic packaging items, application handy, very easy to use, one-time can carry a lot of items and materials.It is because of this, so the use of fibc bags is more and more, especially when powdered products used in mineral products, especially to use fibc…

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What causes FIBC bag breakage

FIBC bag

FIBC bag in the production process, there will be broken by the phenomenon, this is a very common phenomenon, today FIBC bag maternity leave to explain to you what we will lead to broken by the situation, pay attention in the future production.

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FIBC bag repair skills

fibc bag

FIBC bags are often used everywhere in our lives. Many industries use FIBC bags to transport things. Although the container price is not high, because of improper use and other issues, sometimes still damage occurs. How do you deal with the damaged container? Throw away too wasteful, in fact,…

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