considerations for recycling of fibc bags?

food grade super sacks


fibc bags is a large plastic packaging items, application handy, very easy to use, one-time can carry a lot of items and materials.It is because of this, so the use of fibc bags is more and more, especially when powdered products used in mineral products, especially to use fibc bags, can save a lot of manpower and material resources, so it led to the proliferation of second-hand fibc bags, so how do we recycle these fibc bags?

When using polyethylene plastic woven bag processing recycled plastic particles, printed on the surface of the text and patterns affect the quality of the product.So, the printing of these patterns and text is printed with what raw materials, ink or paint?What can be used to clean these things, without compromising the performance of the plastic itself.

The lower the price of the rinsing agent used, the better.With acetone bubble wash, there is no other simple way, but must pay attention to fire prevention, anti-volatile poisoning, must work in the ventilation, and do a good job of fire control measures.