Disconnection is not allowed in jumbo bag production

Jumbo bag manufacturers in the manufacturing process of jumbo bag, there are a lot of processes, during which a process is the drawing process, the width of the wire and the mild tension directly determines the quality of jumbo bag, tons of bag manufacturers to take you to understand the drawing process of jumbo bag.

When drawing, when extrusion of plastic film, the need to pay attention to such a few matters.After cooling the extruded melt film, according to the different types of flat wire to select the appropriate knife distance to cut.When cutting, should try to maintain the uniformity of the flat film cutting.Flat film after cutting to be obtained by thermal stretching treatment flat wire having a greater tension.However, in order to avoid flat wire greater shrinkage in the subsequent weaving process, but also should be heat-set treatment.After passing the cutting and drawing tests of such columns, we can characterize the quality of jumbo bag tons of bags.So, jumbo bag flat wire drawing process is still very difficult not to measure oh,and this is why many of us do not want to explore it.

About jumbo bag this high-quality and high frequency of use of packaging products,a little problem is inevitable,and these problems interrupt line is a very important issue in the meantime,and how to deal with it has become our top priority Oh.Disconnection is jumbo bag manufacturers sewing often encountered problems, suture quality is not required,the machine is not adjusted properly,over the line parts have a sharp mouth,the method of operation is problematic,the needle cooling is not sufficient, etc., will lead to disconnection. jumbo bag manufacturers are not allowed to appear short-term phenomenon.Ton bag manufacturers

When using the lock stitch jumbo bag sewing machine sewing uneven thickness of the product encountered disconnection fault, in addition to one by one to consider the analysis of the above reasons,should also pay attention to the two hook thread caused by disconnection.Sewing machine occupation is well known, because of the need to plan the distribution of action cycles,lock stitch jumbo bag sewing machine shaft and rotary shuttle transmission ratio of 1: 2.That is, the upper shaft rotation for a week,the Rotary shaft to turn for two weeks.