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The importance of jumbo bag stress test

FIBC bag

jumbo bag bearing large cargo and large tonnage of goods special plastic bags,and woven bags is different, jumbo bag is oriented to large tonnage of goods, requiring bearing capacity and compression performance is relatively strong, this is what we have seen and a consensus.So, for jumbo bag compression performance…

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Effect of coating process on jumbo bag

jumbo bag

Home in the purchase of goods will have a special shopping bag,and the goods will be packaged with a special bag, then the bulk powder granular material needs to use what kind of bag to package it?This time we have to mention jumbo bag. jumbo bag belongs to a…

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There are always various challenges in the market

jumbo bag factory

The first challenge is market competition. Whether it is Wanhefeng jumbo bag factory or some other tote bag operators, an inevitable topic is a competition. Especially under the current situation where the talent market is full, the number of people engaged in various aspects will also increase, so one…

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