Storage management requirements of the jumbo bag in summer

Concrete mortar FIBC bag3

The products of jumbo bag manufacturers have strict requirements when they store them. Only when they comply with their requirements, can they better use them and give full play to the performance of the products. Here, the jumbo bag factory details the storage methods in summer.

Before storage, it is necessary to conduct the quality inspection on the jumbo bag. Before storage, the quantity should be checked in time before storage. Secondly, it is necessary to keep the storage clean and tidy, and abide by the principle of “big does not press small, heavy does not press light, and whole does not press zero”. In addition, this kind of jumbo bag should be stored in a cool and dry warehouse in accordance with the principle of “no pressure, no pressure, no pressure, no pressure zero”. It is strictly prohibited to be exposed to direct sunlight.

Of course, when we use it, we should also pay attention to the corresponding maintenance according to the different use environment, because it will be affected by the environment so that we can ensure its quality.