What is the role of concrete washout bag?

concretve washout bag

What is the role of concrete washout bag for our production life? Today Wanhe Feng concretve washout bag small part to take you to understand.

International standard concretve washout bag, is a flexible transport packaging containers. Has the advantages of moisture, dust, radiation resistance, solid security, and in the structure has sufficient strength.

Because concrete washout bag loading and unloading, handling are very convenient, loading and unloading efficiency is significantly improved, in recent years the development of rapid. Can be widely used in engineering and construction of various types of powder, granular, lumpy goods packaging, is the ideal supplies for storage, transportation and other industries.

Concretve washout bag is made of polypropylene as the main raw material, add a small amount of stable adjuvant evenly mixed, melt extruded plastic film by the extruder, cut into wire, then stretching, through heat-setting to make high-strength low elongation PP raw wire, and then by weaving, lamination made of plastic woven fabric base cloth, and sling and other accessories sewn together to make concrete washout bag.