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strap design knowledge of jumbo bag

jumbo bag

People who have used jumbo bags must know that there is a strap on the jumbo bag for easy lifting. Sling plays a vital role in the lifting process, so jumbo bag manufacturers in the design of the strap should be enough attention. So how to design a sling…

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Bulk bags suture strength

bulk bags

Bulk bags are different from ordinary plastic woven bags. Because its carrying capacity is much larger than ordinary packaging materials, the stitching of each part of the bag is also crucial. Unlike ordinary plastic bags, which are just like simple heat sealing, they need to be combined with other…

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how to design meshes baffle bags

Traditional baffle bags stretch to plastic film-based. The role of reinforcement in the bag is filled with bags of materials to keep the bag cubic shape of tons, to prevent the bag-shaped expansion was drum-shaped, saving space stacking and transport.

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