Jumbo bag load bearing and tension

UV-resistant Jumbo Bags

In our daily life, jumbo bag has become the main production material of our packaging, jumbo bag load-bearing and tension is essential,why the same kind of bag different customers install the same product load-bearing is not the same, let us understand the jumbo bag packaging skills, and how to prevent jumbo bag after loading does not fry the bag.

First, the jumbo bag is made of warp and weft yarns, and the bottom of an ordinary jumbo bag is narrower than its height, for example 50 *by 80, 50 cm wide and 80 cm high.Small and large side in this case, if the bottom of the unloading area lands first, and the weight of the product is small, the pressure increases and the bag is easily torn.If the side is on the ground and the landing area is large, an explosion usually does not occur in this case.Secondly, when loading powdered or granular products, the loading amount is too full, or the loading amount is too full, when the dumping is stopped, the force acts directly on the jumbo bag, so that the bag’s silk is easy to break.Typically, the load is usually half or two-thirds or more, leaving the neutral.When unloading, the force inside the product is gradually reduced, the force acting on the jumbo bag is very small.This prevents the rupture of the jumbo bag.This is also the technology of loading jumbo bag manufacturers.

jumbo bag are warp and weft intertwined, the general jumbo bag bottom is narrower than the height, for example, 50*80, width is 50cm, height is 80cm, that is to say after loading the goods bottom area to be small, side area to be large.In this case, if the bottom area of the unloader to the ground, the weight of the goods on all the smaller bottom area, the pressure is large, the bag is easy to be torn.If the side area of the ground,the ground area is large, in this case generally does not appear bag fried bag phenomenon.This is a little trick to unload the goods to avoid fried bags.

If you install powdered products or granular products, when loading do not be too full, too full, unloading truck thrown down, the power acts directly on the jumbo bag, it is easy to cause the bag wire fracture.Normal loading is generally loaded more than half, or two-thirds, set aside neutral, when unloading, the power will slowly become smaller in the interaction of the product inside,acting on the power of jumbo bag is very small, so as to avoid the rupture of jumbo bag phenomenon.This is also the skill of jumbo bag loading.