Notes for use in different seasons for a jumbo bag

jumbo bag

The use of jumbo bags will vary from season to season, so what are some of the details you should pay attention to when using the jumbo bag?

1. Make sure that the jumbo bag is folded up when not in use to reduce moisture and sun exposure, as the service life of the jumbo bag will be shortened due to the influence of the external environment. Also, pay attention to rain and snow, freezing temperature is low, cold weather will greatly reduce the use of products.

2, the secondary use of the problem, before the secondary use, the original loaded items should be emptied, avoid the loss of mixed items. There is also the problem of the environment in which it is used to reduce its impact on the jumbo bag.

3, Jumbo bag most plastics are resistant to acids, bases, and other chemicals. So in the use and storage requirements are not too high, but they also can bring great convenience. It is its excellent electrical insulation, it’s surface resistance, volume resistance are very large, large breakdown voltage, medium loss Angle tangent value is small.