fibc bags anti-aging raw material index requirements

Conductive FIBC Bags

fibc bags to achieve anti-aging performance, then the first to use raw materials to achieve certain index requirements,which is a key point can not be ignored, but how to choose the material index, if the election is not right, then the anti-aging ability is not correct, and if fibc bags raw materials selected, the anti-aging ability effect is very obvious.

fibc bags is mainly used for holding a variety of precision foundry industry alcohol-based coating suspensions,crack mortar binders and a variety of ceramic glaze coatings.Used as a base material suspending agent, thixotropic agent, anti-precipitation agent, used in latex paint and other chemical products, used as suspending agent and paste thixotropic agent, latex stabilizer,thickener, but also as a fabric sizing agent.

the main parameters of fibc bags anti-aging raw materials:PH value 8-10 particle size 325 mesh whiteness ≥75 expansion value (3g/100ml solvent)≥96 colloidal value (1g/100ml)≥99.