FIBC bag repair skills

fibc bag

 FIBC bags are often used everywhere in our lives. Many industries use FIBC bags to transport things. Although the container price is not high, because of improper use and other issues, sometimes still damage occurs. How do you deal with the damaged container? Throw away too wasteful, in fact, as long as the appropriate sewing, FIBC bags can still continue to use.

Mending method is as follows:

1, the needle through the sewing machine to complete the FIBC bag, each piercing sewing material, through one or more pins, forming a unit on the FIBC bag sewn material.
2, when the self-connecting sewing machine needle suture thread loop into the front line loop formed by the needle script body;
3, after the machine is pierced machine needle suture, formed by bending the needle suture and needle suture interconnection.
4, and then when the needle is fed at the sewing thread formed by the suture loop connection method, and the wire loop is formed by a needled suture.
5, when the container sewing machine intertwined, the threading machine through the sewing machine needle suture.
The above is the container sewing method hope can help you!