Dry bulk liner discharge mode-gravity inclined discharge

Dry bulk liner

The advantages of using Dry bulk liner are many, and the main advantages are:

1, Dry bulk liner simplifies the packaging of goods, a large number of savings in packaging costs.

2, reduce the loss of goods, improve the quality of freight. Since the container is a solid sealed box, after the package of goods, there is no loss of cargo, reducing the waste of material wealth, improve the economic and social benefits.

3, reduce operating costs, reduce transportation costs. Because of the high efficiency of container handling, Weather-free, improve the loading and unloading of ships and ports, thereby improving efficiency.

Although the use of Dry bulk liner with container transport to reduce Chen Ben and many other advantages, in actual use, some places do not have the conditions of loading and unloading, or the transport truck does not have the ability to load and unload. This makes the market there is a fixed selection limit, is bound to increase costs. How to solve such a problem? Here we need to introduce a suitable container unloading platform-gravity tilt discharge.

Based on the principle of self-gravity flow, a gravity inclined unloading platform is designed and built. Make 20 or 40 feet containers can be directly discharged from the container material. Containers can be dragged by the trailer on the container unloading platform, it can also be lifted by a crane to the container unloading platform. At present, the standard length of the unloading platform is 6-22 meters, which indicates the available length of the deck. The different products for the tilt angle requirements are not the same, there are four standard angles of inclination, the range of 0 ~ 65 °. The unloading platform is available in three different mounting modes: permanent placement, semi-mobile and fully mobile.