How FIBC bags improve the suture strength

fibc bag

FIBC bags are different from ordinary plastic bags because his load is much larger than the ordinary packaging, so the stitching of various parts is also critical, rather than as simple as a normal plastic bag heat fit.

It is a combination of multiple operations and other parts. FIBC bags This goal is the most important and important goal for FIBC bags.

In the plastic specification, the stretch load of the seam edge and the bottom direction is clearly defined. The main factors that affect the strength of the stitching are the variety and type of suture, the needle distance is a huge fine, the trace, the scale of the curling or folding suture line to the edge of the bag, the eager and cold cut method, etc.

In general, FIBC bags production companies should develop internal control objectives for these impact factors. Regarding the rules in the FIBC bag specification, it is necessary for the pull strength of the main bridge part to reach more than 67% of the fundamental strength, and the pull strength of the bottom bridge part to reach more than 42% of the fundamental strength.
Regarding the upper seal of the cement bag in the socket, the proposition is to treat the same seam bottom to the strength of disposal, about the strength of the bottom of the paper bag seam, usually does not reach the target, so the proposition is changed to paste bottom bag.

Regarding the complex film cold cut bag, it is advocated to choose the coil disposal, because the cold cut edge seam line may be torn out of the meridian along with the wire.

About the non-strength needs of the woven bag on the mouth lock edge for a week, the needle distance can be dense, the line can be fine.