What aspects of FIBC bag appearance detection should pay attention

FIBC bags

FIBC bags appearance detection method is one of the important ways to determine the quality, but many users in tons of bags manufacturers to buy the time and do not know how to view, here with us together to learn more about it!

First of all, pay attention to observe the situation tons of bags of silk, the appearance of color shades of difference can not be significant, not light and dark, can not be approved before the light, after the batch of Dark, change frequently; and pay attention not mixed with two or more colors of yarn. Then, the color of the layout of the positive, color to maintain a common, do not fade, tons of bags of color between batches must seek common, if not common, then indicate the presence of tons of bags of product quality must be a problem.

There is a demand we pay special attention to is that the FIBC bags layout printing should also be clear, no overlapping shadow, printing appearance can not be dirty, the picture should be clear and distinct. Pay attention to the appearance of do not have the condition of broken or snag, have this situation must be replaced. In the hours to be able to pay attention to these issues.