How to connect sling with bulk bag

bulk bag

When bulk bag and sling are connected, there will be many forms in the future, and the connection mode is also special. So, what is the process of connection? The detailed analysis of bulk bag manufacturers is as follows:

When the sling is connected with the bag body, there are various forms such as top lifting, bottom lifting, side lifting, etc. and they are connected by suture, so the future is also very important. Only with the high strength of sling, the base cloth and suture can not reach a certain strength, nor can they ensure the overall high performance of the bulk bag.

Bulk bag mainly contains massive, granular or powdery objects, and the physical density and lose a degree of the contents have different effects on the overall results.

As for the basis for judging the performance of the bulk bags, it is necessary to test the product close to the customer’s load as much as possible. This is the “standard filler specially used for testing” written in the standard, so as to make the technical standard meet the challenge of the market economy as much as possible.

Generally speaking, there is no problem with the bulk bag through a lifting test. There are only two situations when the bags fall down in the hoisting of the port, railway, and truck: one is the operation is wrong, and the other is that this kind of bulk bag fails to pass the hoisting test.

For a bulk bag with a safety factor of more than 5 times, two or one of the four rings must have the tensile performance of more than twice and a half of rated load. Even if two slings are disconnected, the whole bulk bag will not have problems.

Bulk bag products are widely used, especially for packing bulk cement, grain, chemical raw materials, feed, starch, minerals and other powder, granular objects, even dangerous goods such as calcium carbide, which are very convenient for loading, unloading, transportation, and storage.

At present, bulk bag products are in the rising stage of development, especially the bulk bag in the form of one ton and one pallet (one pallet for one bulk bag, or four), which is more popular.