The test of the light aging resistance of the bulk bag

At present, many enterprises pay too much attention to the test of physical properties of the bulk bag, but ignore the test of its light aging resistance, resulting in the lack of other properties and quality of products, which seriously affects the interests of customers. In the past, the dangerous goods packaging center of the inspection and Quarantine Bureau has carried out a lot of bulk bag UV resistance tests for the container manufacturers Increase.

This test is carried out in strict accordance with the national inspection and quarantine system to carry out the bulk bag anti violet test project, in strict accordance with the ASTM standard of the American Society of materials to treat each batch of test samples seriously, and to issue a test report to the outside, which not only brings economic benefits but also social benefits.

At present, for the export bulk bag with anti violet requirements, most foreign customers require domestic manufacturers to test in the center, which can only be recognized after getting the qualified test report issued by the center, which greatly improves the position and influence of the center in the packaging test market.