Advantages of FIBC jumbo bags

Wanhefeng Package is an FIBC manufacturer in China is giving value effective instrumentality in a variety of FIBC jumbo bags. Used for bulk packaging, these bulk containers will scale back your freight prices, warehousing prices and your handling prices with versatile packaging choices. Have a glance at a number of the necessary benefits of those FIBC bagsā€¦

These jumbo bags eliminate the necessity of pallets because of their necessary lifting loops.
These jumbo bags permit economical use of the area.
They are easy to use.
These jumbo bags area unit factory-made by plastic that makes it value effectively.
These containers area unit is terribly sturdy nevertheless versatile.
FIBC bulk containers area unit provided in an exceeding style of dimensions.
These jumbo bags may be used for venturesome chemicals as laid out in the international organization recommendations.
Do not need any packaging.
These area unit designed to be raised from the highest connected devices (lift loops or straps).
FIBC creates eco-friendly operating conditions.
This area unit versatile, foldaway and sturdy.
jumbo bags area unit anti-static.
Packing of powders, granules, flakes or any free-flowing material may be done expeditiously.
Savings in packaging value.
Faster loading and unloading of materials.

This area unit offered in the big selection, from five hundred kilos to 2500 kilo and additional.

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contacts within the trade or we are able to build a custom bag for you.