The testing method of bulk bags sling and sling

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As we all know, suspension belt (also known as suspension rope) is one of the most important standards to measure the performance and quality of bulk bags products. The load-bearing capacity of the suspension belt directly affects the quality and safety of products. So how to test the load-bearing capacity of bulk bags suspension belt and suspension rope? Hebei Wanhefeng Packaging Co., Ltd. explains the following test methods for the load-bearing performance test of space bag sling and suspension rope test methods, hoping to be useful to you:

  1. Sampling method

At least two suspension band specimens of appropriate length are randomly intercepted at bulk bags suspension rings.

  1. Elongation test

The specimens are mounted on a tensile testing machine. After applying a 196N tightening load, a 100 mm distance marking line is drawn. When the load reaches 30% of the tensile strength f, the distance between the marking lines is measured.

Elongation (%)=[(l-100)/100]*100%

“L” means the distance between the lines, mm, when the load reaches 30% of the tensile strength.

  1. Tensile Strength Test

The specimens were fixed on the fixture of a tension tester with a distance of 220 mm. Tensile strength was measured at a speed of about 100 mm/min.

Above are three steps of bulk bags sling and sling test. Without sampling, the overall quality of the product cannot be reflected. The elongation test is very important for lifting operation, and the tensile strength affects the safety of operators when lifting.