What should be paid attention to in the production of anti-ultraviolet baffle bags

UV-resistant bulk bags

Ultraviolet-resistant baffle bags, i.e. ultraviolet-resistant container bags, are used for the storage and transportation of chemical products. They are designed by the characteristics of chemical raw materials. In addition to carrying capacity and other requirements, they generally need to ensure the integrity and safety of their packaging items and meet the requirements of the corresponding packaging materials.

The security of baffle bags is the first consideration. Packing volume, loading weight and a number of packing units should be considered in the design. The distance of transportation and the number of times of handling should also be considered. What kind of transportation means and methods should be adopted?

The sealing performance of baffle bags is different from that of consumers, so we should take full account of it. For example, powder or poisonous substances, and objects afraid of contamination require very strict sealing performance, and materials prone to dampness or mildew also have special requirements for air tightness.

Baffle bags are mainly used in bulk, granular or powdery articles, and the physical density and lose a degree of contents have different effects on the use.

The performance of baffle bags should be tested as close as possible to the products loaded by customers. This is the “standard filling material for testing” written in the standard, so as to meet the challenges of the market economy as far as possible by technical standards.

What role can anti-ultraviolet baffle bags play?

  1. Packaging restrictions of container bag manufacturers are very large. Powdery products can be packed in bulk bags.
  2. Increased loading and unloading power. It has a large capacity, very fast loading and unloading, more than ten times the efficiency of conventional paper bag packaging.
  3. Can effectively maintain the product. Container bag material has the function of rainproof and impermeability. It can also be dampproof when it is filled and placed outdoors.
  4. Less space. The empty bag is foldable and small in size. The round baffle bags have a large capacity.
  5. Long life, anti-ultraviolet baffle bags tons, can be used repeatedly. Baffle bags are made from highly intensive data that are durable and can be accepted for reuse.