The calculation method of the weight of the bulk bags

Type C Conductive Bag

The quality of the woven bag is inseparable from the weight of the gram. Generally speaking, the higher the weight, the thicker the bag, the better the quality. The measure is in weight. The base bag of the bulk bags is calculated by the square meter, which is generally 160 grams per square, 180 grams, 190 grams, 200 grams per square. If you cut the piece down, measure the size, and then weigh the weight, you can calculate the square of the square of the square. The weight of the woven bag directly determines the thickness of the woven bag. The calculation formula is as follows: single bag weight = length * width * 2 * square gram weight.
For example, thickness 60 microns, size 180 * 270cm
weight is volume * density, volume 0.006 * 180 * 2 * 270 = 583.2 density
PE is 0.917
583.2 * 0.917 = 531.2952 grams
There are relatively cumbersome calculation method: (number of latitudes) /2000.911=square gram weight

Type C Conductive Bag
Type C Conductive Bag

The above is the calculation method of the gram weight of the base fabric.
There is no certain calculation method for the bulk bags, because the bulk bags has more accessories, it has to be decomposed one by one. , one by one, and finally added together. (Generally, the composition of the bulk bags; the main body, the sling, the upper cover, the bottom, the upper and lower feeding ports, the ties, the closing rope, the file bag, the label, the reinforced cloth, etc.) and the base cloth to be determined by the different quality to be loaded The weight of the sling is not the same.