Why is Anti-static container bag popular?

Anti-static container bag

If you often use the container, then you will find the container is also constantly introducing new products, as far as we know, there is a product called Anti-static container bag, now popular. So what are the advantages of this container in the end? And how to attract people to buy it?
  This also from the container bag to produce static electricity hazards, its harm mainly in two aspects:

  First, easily lead to detonation accident. For example, the contents of the package are flammable substances, they evaporate steam and air reaches a certain percentage, or solid dust reaches a certain concentration, once encountered electrostatic spark that will deflagration.

Reasons why Anti-static container bag is popular

  Second, the electrostatic phenomenon. As in the handling process of container bags to produce electrostatic high-potential discharge, to the operator to bring static discomfort. Handling, stacking process due to the strong friction generated electrostatic high potential discharge, and even operating workers are an electrostatic down phenomenon.

  Based on the ordinary container static electricity has so great harm, so people will be Anti-static container bag will be so popular.