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How to look at the sewing work of container bags

container bags

container bags, also known as ton bags, is a kind of bulk material bags, plays an important role in transportation. Due to the production process of container bags special, when carrying the weight of the material has clear requirements, so the material should be selected when the corresponding container…

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The design principle of bulk bags

Round big skirt bulk bags

Container bag design to strictly enforce standards.Container bags as export packaging, to ensure that the export of goods in the loading and unloading, transportation and storage process effectively protect the loading of goods, the goods will be transported to the destination in good condition.Therefore, container design must meet the…

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Some countries in the world the standard for container bags

bulk container bags

China’s container bag standard: the implementation is GB/ t10454-2000, which is modified from the old standard GB/T 10454-1989. China’s container bag standard stipulates the classification structure, technical requirements and inspection requirements of container bags.This standard is applicable to container bags with a volume between (0.5-2.3) m3 and a load…

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