Cause of broken edge of bulk bag sling

The key reason for the broken edge of bulk bag sling is that the quality of sling is very poor. If it can’t stand too long-term application, it will break or break the edge, resulting in the problem that the overall container bag can’t be used.

Generally speaking, there are three reasons for the broken edge of sling:
A. excessive and frequent application and continuous lifting damage make the sling exceed the service life, and the similar container bags have already exceeded the service life or frequency, so new ones should be purchased.

B. the most important factor for the sling to rot is the poor quality of the sling made by the manufacturer. It can only be used once or twice. The bulk bag sling is rotten, but the overall body is not damaged. If it has the ability to repair, it can be removed and replaced.

C. another key element is that if incorrect materials are used to make a sling, it is the key problem that causes the broken edge of the bulk bag. If too much polypropylene is used and too little high-pressure polyethylene is used, it will cause the weathering layer. Because the container bag is often used outdoors, the broken edge is inevitable. If such a situation occurs, replace the manufacturer as soon as possible.