Accuracy of FIBC bag design

fibc bag

(A) security mainly refers to the strength of the FIBC bag. The design should think about the volume of packaging, the weight of the load and the number of packaging units, but also to think about the distance and the number of transport intervals, the use of means of transport and transport methods.
GB / T10454-2000 FIBC bag national standard, the strict provisions of the FIBC bag fabric and Sling technical specifications request, from a security point of view clear FIBC bag structure all for the bottom hanging structure. The safety factor must reach 1.5
(B) custody should be based on the user’s conditions of use, reasonable selection of materials, reasonable ratio. Plastic products under sun exposure to anti-aging are currently the problem of concern, but also in the practical use of FIBC bag process often encounter problems. Pay attention to the use of an anti-Violet agent and material selection during consumption.
(C) the use of the design of FIBC bag, to think about the customer to use the detailed methods and methods of FIBC bag, such as lifting, transportation, loading material performance. Also to think about whether food packaging, to think about the package of food non-toxic, harmless.
(D) sealing packaging materials are different, different sealing request. Such as powder or toxic substances, fear of contamination of the sealing performance of the request is very strict, easy to damp or mildew of the airtight material also has a special request. Therefore, in the design of FIBC bag, pay attention to think cloth laminating process and sewing process on the impact of sealing.