What factors contribute to the fracture of the bulk bags?

bulk bags is a tool used to hold the material, it can be difficult to transport such as powder particles and other materials for packaging, easy loading and unloading, and storage. Thus, the quality of such products is more important, in good condition it can be a good completion of the corresponding work. But users will find that sometimes the bag suddenly cut off, this is because what?

there are many reasons for the bulk bags off, the main reason is caused by the environment and use. First, the environment, into the winter temperature drops rapidly, many objects will be affected because of the low-temperature weather, brittle and fragile. The bag will also be the case, when the temperature is low, the bag material becomes brittle and hard, no normal patience, in this state bloom too much material may be due to excessive force appeared fracture.

The use of bulk bags from the loading, loading, transportation, unloading, storage and other processes may be subject to varying degrees of wear, or scratches, so the connection strength between the material is not high, in the use of force will be broken.

Therefore, for long-term use of the product should be promptly checked to exclude serious wear of the bag.