The solution to Wear of Ton Bags during Packing

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The solution to Wear of Ton Bags during Packing

In many cases, containers wear under the condition of effective saturation when loading Ton Bags. below we will provide a corresponding solution strategy.

First, the solution of a forklift truck for container loading.

A. how many tons Ton Bags can be loaded when measuring the height of containers?

B, if only two heights can be installed, when installing the second height, find two forklift trucks to cooperate, one forklift truck will pick up Ton Bags and place them on the blade of the 12th forklift truck, and then the second forklift truck will level the ton bags on the bottom ton bags.

Second, use container handling equipment

The container handling equipment can be operated according to the operating instructions of the container handling equipment, which will not be described in detail here.