Some buying tips for bulk bags packaging

jumbo bag

As a buyer, before buying a bulk bags, ordinary to know a few effects: have you used this product before.Assuming useful, then the packaging can be suitable for my product.
Assuming it is appropriate, then it is very complex,you just need to understand the size of my previously used tons of bags, for example, length, width, height are more, perhaps round bulk bags, diameter and height is how much.There is no film, is a single layer or a double layer, bulk bags can have a discharge port, the center of the inlet is a large opening or a small mouth, Sling is two or four hanging hanging, hanging or pocket bottom.

These have to figure out, assuming that there is a printed bag, printed content do not make a mistake, or printed up and then change there is no way.Another important point, assuming that you can not provide samples to manufacturers quotes and consumption, it is possible to inform consumer manufacturers, bulk bags bag weight is how much, so that manufacturers can be based on the weight of the bag you provide, to calculate how thick fabric to help you consume.

Assume that you can provide photos to manufacturers, it will be more intuitive, experienced consumer manufacturers, see the picture, you can know about bulk bags material and bag weight.