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Graphite Toner Baffle Bag

Baffle bulk bags are ideal if you have limited space in sea-containers or on trucks. Baffles keep the bulk bag square and free form bulging over the pallet.

Baffle Bags are constructed with corner baffles to maintain their cubic form once they are filled. The corner baffles are made to allow the material to flow smoothly into all the corners, yet preventing the bag from expanding in the process. Since the shape of the bag is cubic, baffle bags require less storage space and cut down the transportation costs up to 30% compared to the regular big bags. Most of soybean, corn, barley growers use baffle bags which allows the bag to stand straight.


Place of Origin  Shijiazhuang, China
Certification  CQC
Model Number  whf004
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity  500 articles
Packaging Details  T/T
Supply Ability  100000/PCS
Bag size 35x44x60″
Constructions  4-panel baffle bag, type-D, sift proof, blue
SWL  2205lbs
SF  5:01:00
Lifting Loop Wide  3″ wide
Lifting Loop Height  4 x10″ in corner loops
Lifting Loop Color  Tan
Top Spout  14″ Dia x 18″ long,tie for closure
Bottom Spout  18″ Dia x 18″ long, tie for spout bottom, tube  lock cord tie with star closure
Baffle  Yes
Sift proofing  Yes, double filler cord in all seams
Stitching  Normal stitching
Quantities  2,600pcs/20pallets=1X20′ container 5,720pcs/44pallets=1X40′ container or Customized

Surface impedance NA
Application For those products which need to keep the bag body up cube shape after packaging
Working principle

1. The container bag added with a baffle on the outer bag or inner bag can keep the bag body up cube shape after filling, so as to save store and transportation space. According to the difference between baffle materials, it can be divided into clip baffle bag and grid baffle bags.

2. Compared to ordinary bags, Space utilization could be increased by 30%

3. Common specifications are as follows: 100cm×100cm×H; 105cm×105cm×H; 110cm×110cm×H;

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