how to design meshes baffle bags

FIBC bag

Traditional baffle bags stretch to plastic film-based. The role of reinforcement in the bag is filled with bags of materials to keep the bag cubic shape of tons, to prevent the bag-shaped expansion was drum-shaped, saving space stacking and transport.

However, the traditional baffle bags in the stretch, due to the design is not reasonable, can not guarantee the smooth flow of materials, resulting in some areas of the bag material is not easy to reach, resulting in the inadequate filling. So it is necessary to improve the existing baffle bags, reasonable design of its reinforcement structure.

meshes baffle bags, its reinforcement using a grid-like structure, compared with the traditional sheet-like reinforcement to improve the liquidity of the material filling, improve the efficiency of filling, while increasing the effective volume of the bag. Its mesh stretch with two pieces, the middle of a flexible connection structure, making it easier to make tons of bags, and easy to fold and store reduces the weight and volume of the bag.