Foreign trade package form

FIBC bag

Set is equipped with several typical ways,in the field of various types of the cross-typical way there are many non-this is not the other way of the container, and thus many types of container way, mainly refer to the FIBC b a g, containers, and pallets.

A variety of typical methods of Assembly and deformation between them are as follows´╝Ü

( 1)tray.The most typical is the flat tray,the deformed body has a column tray;rack tray (pallet rack),cage tray (pallet cage),box tray,folding tray,wheeled tray( trolley tray),thin plate tray( slide)Cloverleaf lift slings.

( 2)containers. The most typical is the ordinary container, the deformation of the body are: Cage container, tank container, gantry Container, Platform container, Folding Container,etc., many types of containers and the corresponding tray in the form of the difference is not large, but the scale difference is large.

( 3)FIBC bag. The typical container is FIBC bag, the deformation of the body has a flexible FIBC bag, liquid FIBC bag, conductive FIBC bag, container cans, container barrel and so on.