causes of bulk bag oxidation

The bulk bag is a commonly used packaging woven bag, the use of a very wide range, can we know that after the use of bulk bag once, its strength will be reduced, there will be oxidation, why is this?

bulk bag in the natural environment that is in direct sunlight, in a week after the strength of the plastic bulk bag is reduced to 25%, after two weeks will be reduced by 40%, is basically unsafe. So the bulk bag storage problem is critical.

the bulk bag is made of polypropylene by drawing, weaving, sewing or paste, the loading weight is generally 200kg-3T.

the bulk bag should be placed in a cool and clean indoor storage, transportation should avoid the sun and rain, should not be close to the heat source, the storage period shall not exceed 18 months. In fact, 18 months of time plastic bulk bag may be aging, so you should shorten the duration of the bulk bag, should be within 12 months as well. the bulk bag should be stored away from direct sunlight.