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Working principle of conductive container bag

Conductive bag

Whether it is the kind of conductive container, the ultimate goal is the same: it is to eliminate the charge generated by friction on the container.
General conductive container bag is added to the conductive wire in the container bag,this container bag shape and other parameters with ordinary container…

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Aluminum Liners bags features, usefulness and classification

Aluminum Liners bags

Classification of Aluminum Liners bags:
Food Aluminum Liners bags, medicinal Aluminum Liners bags, military Aluminum Liners bags, electronic Aluminum Liners bags, health care products Aluminum Liners bags, intermediates Aluminum liners bags, vitamin Aluminum Liners bags, API Aluminum Liners bags, adhesive Aluminum Liners bags, particle Aluminum Liners bags, powder Aluminum…

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Wanhefeng offers a range of FIBC bulk bags, or flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC), are an economical and efficient way to package, store, and handle products. Depending on bulk density of raw material and the physical size of the FIBC, each bag is designed to handle weights from 2000-3500…

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How to look at the sewing work of container bags

container bags

container bags, also known as ton bags, is a kind of bulk material bags, plays an important role in transportation. Due to the production process of container bags special, when carrying the weight of the material has clear requirements, so the material should be selected when the corresponding container…

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Development within the packaging business may be an urgent task

packaging bags

packaging Wanhefeng is creating ingenious advances that keep it up efficacious pockets because of the fastest developing packaging section. a substantial ton of those advancements square measure owing to customers’ requests for a lot of comfort in packaging, within the meanwhile adjusting their anxieties for making certain nature. whereas…

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