Which packaging areas are suitable for aluminum foil bags

aluminum foil bags

Currently food packaging requirements have been improved, for some high-temperature food packaging must use aluminum foil bags, aluminum foil bags of food has: good sealing, moisture, tasteless, good vacuum effect, with low permeability, easy aging characteristics; aluminum foil bags in packaging electronic components, hardware, industrial products with moisture, rust, anti-static, shielding, shading, and other characteristics; then the current aluminum foil bags Below with the majority of users in detail´╝Ü

One, flexible packaging aluminum foil bag

Flexible packaging is the use of soft bag container made of composite packaging materials, flexible packaging has greatly improved the level of mechanization and automation of the food and beverage industry, accelerate the modernization of people’s diet and socialization process. In developed countries, flexible packaging has become one of the main forms of food, beverage packaging, replacing canned and bottled within a certain range. In recent years, China’s Flexible Packaging Market Development is also very fast, so far has introduced 10 aluminum foil composite production line, according to different uses of flexible packaging using dry Composite, hot melt Composite, extrusion Composite, and other different processes. Flexible packaging not only has the effect of moisture, fresh, and can print a variety of patterns and text, is the ideal material for modern commercial packaging. With the improvement of people’s living standards, flexible packaging aluminum foil there is a lot of room for development.

Two, pharmaceutical aluminum foil packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil mainly include liquid, injection easy to open the bottle cap and medicinal PTP aluminum foil, because PTP aluminum foil has a moisture-proof, easy to carry, safety and health, etc., in the international pharmaceutical industry is very much. China since 1985 began to use aluminum foil packaging drugs, packaging aluminum foil so far accounted for only 20% of pharmaceutical packaging materials, in recent years, the rapid development of pharmaceutical foil market, on the one hand, the rapid development of the pharmaceutical market, but mainly because of the 20% aluminum foil in pharmaceutical packaging the proportion of applications continues to increase.

Three, automotive composite aluminum foil packaging

Aluminium Bulk Bag
Aluminium Bulk Bag

With the vigorous development of China’s automobile industry and automotive aluminum rate continues to improve, automotive aluminum foil packaging market demand increases rapidly, automotive aluminum foil packaging, there are two, one is the automotive air conditioner composite aluminum foil packaging, China’s automotive air conditioner has been all-aluminum, aluminum foil bags of the annual demand of 1.5%. 50000 tons; the other is an Automobile Radiator with a composite aluminum foil packaging, used in the manufacture of automotive radiator tank, car condenser, an evaporator, the current car tank aluminum rate of 40%, the annual demand for 0.50000 tons. 30,000 tons or so.

Four, electrolytic capacitor with aluminum foil packaging

Electrolytic capacitors used in aluminum foil packaging is a corrosive material working under polar conditions, the organizational structure of aluminum foil bags have higher requirements, the use of aluminum foil bags are divided into three types: cathode aluminum foil, a thickness of 0.5 ~ 0. 5 mm, the thickness of the cathode aluminum foil is 0. 5 ~ 0. 5 mm, the thickness of 015mm~0.06 mm; high-pressure aluminum foil, a thickness of 0. 065mm~0.1 mm, requires aluminum foil with high purity aluminum production; low-pressure aluminum foil, a thickness of 0. 06mm~0.1 mm.

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor performance is good, low price, large-purpose, so the market prospect is very good.