Standard of anti-static container bag

anti-static container bag

When we go to the market above to buy Anti-static container bag products is certainly wants to buy products, produce products that need to pick up look, can be seen through the appearance of Anti-static container bag quality is good or bad. Today we are going to introduce the anti-static container bag standard.

Standard of anti-static container bag

   Anti-static container bag inside the bag better transparency, surface free of impurities, black spots, heat sealing firm without leakage, damage, etc., the effective size of + 1CM to-2CM sewing size according to process single requirements±1CM, pin pitch 0.7-0.9 CM/needle. Anti-static container bag manufacturers starting and ending needle must coincide 5cm in the same suture line (the only needle pressed needle), strengthen the cloth from the needle in the upper left, suture, from the side of 1CM, sewing material bag is from the needle from the side of 1CM, needle down the needle. In accordance with the requirements of the use of sewing thread, sewing thread is not allowed to overlap, slatted, floating thread, leak buckle, under the Kang, etc., on the line tightness consistent. Sewing thread length retention is not more than 1.5 cm. Body and bottom seams, double Hemming than Qi, sewing three lines, the width of about 2CM, are not allowed to appear obvious wrinkles, lines and lines uniform, do not overlap, only the needle pressed against the needle. Sling sewing thread Margin 0.5 cm, suture from the Sling head 1CM, the body sling to be divided equally.

  This is an Anti-static container bag. In the purchase of time can go to consider. Now the production of Anti-static container bag manufacturers very much, the enterprise competition is also very large. Enterprises want better development, in addition, to guarantee the quality, the price should be affordable, of course, innovation is an indispensable part.

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