design principles and considerations for ton bag

ton bag

As the international market demand for ton bag increased, ton bag exports increased further. At the same time, ton bag quality requirements on the international market become more stringent. Therefore, how to improve the strength of the ton bag products, select the appropriate raw materials, reasonable ton bag proportion; how to design a high-quality ton bag under the premise of the implementation of national standards, is an important issue in the production enterprises placed in ton bag. This article describes a few of the issues that should be noted in the design of a ton bag.

   the ton bag is made of polyolefin resin through a wire drawing process, coated and cut into cylindrical or flaky substrates of different sizes, and then sewn into a circle or square shape according to design requirements. Products. ton bag is a soft shipping packaging container with advantages of lightweight, softness, acid and alkali resistance, moisture resistance and no water leakage. It has sufficient structural strength, is solid and safe, can be packed and unloaded. It is convenient and adaptable to the characteristics of the mechanized operation. It can be widely used in the packaging of various powdery, granular and blocky items such as chemical, cement, grain and mineral products.

   the basis and principle of ton bag design? Tonnage bags must be designed to be used strictly as export packaging to ensure the effective protection of exported goods during handling, transportation, and storage, and to safely and reliably transport the goods to their destination. Therefore, the design of the ton bag must meet the four main aspects, namely safety, storage, availability, and tightness.

  Safety mainly refers to the strength of a ton bag. Packaging volume, load weight and packaging unit number (PCs) should be considered in the design. Consideration should also be given to the distance and frequency of transport and to which mode of transport should be used. ton bag, the strict requirements of ton bag bottom cloth and Sling technology. From a safety point of view, it is clear ton bag structure is all bottom Sling structure.