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Wanhefeng offers a range of FIBC bulk bags, or flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC), are an economical and efficient way to package, store, and handle products. Depending on bulk density of raw material and the physical size of the FIBC, each bag is designed to handle weights from 2000-3500…

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Development within the packaging business may be an urgent task

packaging bags

packaging Wanhefeng is creating ingenious advances that keep it up efficacious pockets because of the fastest developing packaging section. a substantial ton of those advancements square measure owing to customers’ requests for a lot of comfort in packaging, within the meanwhile adjusting their anxieties for making certain nature. whereas…

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The design principle of bulk bags

Round big skirt bulk bags

Container bag design to strictly enforce standards.Container bags as export packaging, to ensure that the export of goods in the loading and unloading, transportation and storage process effectively protect the loading of goods, the goods will be transported to the destination in good condition.Therefore, container design must meet the…

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The factory is testing Inner Plastic Film Bags foil liner

testing Inner Plastic Film Bags device

Our US customers need to join jumbo bags to testing Inner Plastic Film Bags. We are in the process of testing Inner Plastic Film Bags production equipment for better service customers.

The company always adhere to “Survive by quality, rely on the credibility of development” for their purpose, Welcome all…

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1 ton bulk bags commodity sent to Australia

1 ton bulk bags

In February late 2019 , the Australia customer consulted the foreign trade specialist of our company about the 1 ton bulk bags , and quickly confirmed the order, and customized the sieve plates of different sizes. After more than half a month of production, the product was shipped to…

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What sizes do bulk bags come in?

Bulk bags come in many different sizes and styles, and can be customized into almost any 3 dimensional size possible for your product. There are limits to the sizes, but a standard bulk bag base dimension is 35″ x 35”, while the height of a bulk bag can range…

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Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container Bags

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers are those having capacity to carry material ranging from 0.5-2 M.T. and are generally used for packing of minerals, sand, crushed stone, gravels, starch, pellets, plastic granules, ceramic, clays, cement etc.

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