Anti-ultraviolet ton bags pay attention to which in production

Anti-ultraviolet ton bags

Anti-ultraviolet ton bags, that is, anti-ultraviolet container bags, used for storage and storage of chemical products, as shown in the figure, PTA container bag is a kind of chemical container bag. It is a packaging material designed by the characteristics of chemical raw materials. In addition to the requirements of load-bearing properties, it is generally required to ensure the integrity and safety of the packaged articles and the requirements of the corresponding packaging materials. Ton bags, also known as flexible container bags, tons of bags, space bags, etc., custom ton bags tons of bags, the English translation of a variety, FIBC, is a type of container equipment.

ton bags manufacturers in the production of a lot of things to pay attention to, first of all, to consider from the perspective of consumers, we will introduce in detail below.

The security of ton bags is the first thing to consider. The packaging volume, the weight of the load and the number of packaging units should be considered in the design. Also consider the distance of the transportation distance and the number of transportation times, and what kind of transportation and transportation methods should be used. The practicality of ton bags, we must fully consider the specific ways and methods of customers using ton bags, such as lifting, transportation, loading materials and so on. The sealing performance of ton bags, consumers have different sealing performance requirements for ton bags, so we must fully consider them. For example, powder or toxic materials, and materials that are afraid of being contaminated have strict requirements on sealing performance. Materials that are prone to moisture or mildew have special requirements for air tightness.

Anti-ultraviolet ton bags
Anti-ultraviolet ton bags

ton bags are mainly used in blocks, granules or powders. The physical density and looseness of the contents are different.
The performance of ton bags should be tested as close as possible to the products that the customer wants to load. This is the \”test-specific standard filler\” written in the standard so that the technical standards can meet the challenges of the market economy as much as possible.
What is the role of UV resistant ton bags?
1, the packaging restrictions of the manufacturer of the container bag are very large. The powdered product container can be packaged.
2, increased loading and unloading power. It has a large capacity, very fast loading and unloading, and is more than ten times more effective than conventional paper bag packaging.
3, can effectively maintain the product. The container bag data is rain-proof and impervious to water. It can also be protected from moisture when placed outdoors.
4, taking up less space. The empty bag can be folded, the volume is small, the round ton bags are ton bags, and the full bag capacity is large.
5, long life, anti-ultraviolet ton bags, can be used repeatedly. Ton bags are made from high-intensity materials that are durable and can be accepted for reuse.