Voorsorgmaatreëls by die laai van hoë temperatuur produkte.

FIBC Baffle Bag tit

Recently, some customers are asking, customers use ordinary polyethylene bags to install high-temperature products, and we have many leakage problems during filling and loading.
Let me talk about it below.

The high-temperature resistant Jumbo bag sewing thread can be made of cotton thread, Polyphenylene sulfide plastic thread, polypropylene thread, polyester line, cotton thread. It is required to withstand the pressure of 5 times the weight of the load.

Or use Jumbo bag and high temperature resistant inner bag, which can be used for a long time in high temperature and harsh environment due to its special process.

Sometimes, there’s no way to avoid working with materials that, at some point in the loading and transportation process, reach higher temperatures. When you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to follow the safety guidelines outlined above to safely handle these materials.

Recommendations for Working With High-Temperature Materials

Here are a few more ways that will help you effectively load, transport and unload materials at higher temperatures:

Specify bags for higher-temperature materials: If you consistently transport materials that reach higher temperatures, label a set of grootmaat sakke that are used specifically for them. Higher-temperature materials will wear more on standard bulk bags. Why would you wear down your entire Stock of bulk bags when you could specify some bags for just that purpose? Doing so could save your business money in the long run by avoiding replacing bulk bags.

Always test bags: We’ve already mentioned this above, but it’s an important thing to remember — always test bags that have been exposed to high temperatures. If you don’t test your bags, it could lead to a break and compromise the material You have to pay to rescue the material, and you’ll also pay in extra time and labor it will take to get the project back On track.

Replace bags immediately when necessary: ​​Replacing a bag immediately after you notice an issue will save you in the long run. It will help prevent accidents that could cost you much more than replacing the one bag.

Consider specialty high-temperature FIBCs: There are special bags available that are meant to carry high-temperature materials. Standard polyethylene bulk bags can get the job done, but a high-temp bag would be more reliable if you transport these types of materials often If you are using standard grootmaat sakke to transport high-temperature materials, it will wear on them much more and cause you to replace the bags more often. Specialty high-temp bags will help you save money in the long run.

We can supply you with bags made domestically or globally. We supply it all when it comes to FIBC’s. We offer a one-ton bag, jumbo bags, and baffle bags Antistatic Jumbo Bag. We also offer bags with baffles, commonly referred to as a Baffled Bag.

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contacts in the industry or we can make a custom bag for you.