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There are always various challenges in the market

jumbo bag factory

The first challenge is market competition. Whether it is Wanhefeng jumbo bag factory or some other tote bag operators, an inevitable topic is a competition. Especially under the current situation where the talent market is full, the number of people engaged in various aspects will also increase, so one of the problems they face is competition. Winning competitions can

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Customer visits aluminum foil liner

Base cloth for container bags

The company International Trade Department warmly received its customers. The visit of customers, on the one hand, is to conduct site visits and visits to our company, on the other hand, is to talk about the two sides to achieve “aluminum foil liner” product in-depth cooperation.

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Wanhefeng offers a range of FIBC bulk bags, or flexible intermediate bulk containers (فيبك), are an economical and efficient way to package, store, and handle products. Depending on bulk density of raw material and the physical size of the FIBC, each bag is designed to handle weights from 2000-3500 lbs of solid materials.

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Development within the packaging business may be an urgent task

packaging bags

packaging Wanhefeng is creating ingenious advances that keep it up efficacious pockets because of the fastest developing packaging section. a substantial ton of those advancements square measure owing to customersrequests for a lot of comfort in packaging, within the meanwhile adjusting their anxieties for making certain nature. whereas meeting these worries, whole proprietors likewise ought to improve marking,…

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يقوم المصنع باختبار البطانة الداخلية لأكياس رقائق البلاستيك

testing Inner Plastic Film Bags device

Our US customers need to join jumbo bags to testing Inner Plastic Film Bags. We are in the process of testing Inner Plastic Film Bags production equipment for better service customers.

The company always adhere to “Survive by quality, rely on the credibility of development” for their purpose, Welcome all the customer’s contact and visit us for further cooperation.

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Advantages of single-use flexible containment

The benefits of ready-to-use single-use systems are well documented and include: Scalable—BPC systems are well suited for use from benchtop to production scale processes. Ready integration—BPC components work well in all steps in the production of therapeutic biologics and vaccines. Operational—Help reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Additionally, the elimination of cleaning-in-place and sterilization-in-place (CIP/SIP) systems reduces setup, maintenance, and

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FIBC ton bags

Bulk bags (also known as jumbo bags, shipping sacks, big bags and FIBCs) are extremely versatile and can hold a variety of wet and dry materials including: chemicals, minerals, dyes, resins, detergents, foodstuffs, سكر, ملح, nuts, plastics, قمح, clay, يبني, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, seed, رمل, دقيق, أرز, ground rubber, beans and refractory products.

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