The design principle of bulk bags

Round big skirt bulk bags

Container bag design to strictly enforce standards.Container bags as export packaging, to ensure that the export of goods in the loading and unloading, transportation and storage process effectively protect the loading of goods, the goods will be transported to the destination in good condition.Therefore, container design must meet the four main points, namely safety, storage, use, sealing.

Mainly refers to the strength of the container bag.In the design to consider the packaging volume, containing the load weight and the number of packaging units, but also consider the distance and the number of times the transport distance, the use of means of transport and transport methods. Strict requirements of the container bag fabric and Sling technical indicators, from a security point of view, a clear container structure for all the bottom hanging structure.

Round big skirt bulk bags

2.Custody sex
Should be based on the user’s conditions of use, a reasonable selection of materials, a reasonable proportion.Plastic products sun exposure under the anti-aging ability is more concerned about the problem, but also the problem of container in the actual use of the process often encountered.In the production process, pay attention to the use of anti-Violet agent and the choice of materials.

3.Use sex
In the design of container, we should fully consider the specific ways and methods of using container, such as lifting, transportation, loading material performance.Also consider whether the food packaging, to consider the packaged food non-toxic, harmless.

Different packaging materials, different sealing requirements.Such as powder or toxic materials, fear of contaminated items on the sealing performance requirements are very strict, easy to damp or mildew materials have special requirements for air tightness.Therefore, in the design of container bags, pay attention to consider the impact of fabric coating process and sewing process on the sealing.