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Plastic Woven Bag

Wanhefeng is Manufacturer Package of standard & custom bags including plastic bags . Types include printed plastic bags & plain plastic bags. Custom printed plastic bags include bags with handles, printed polypropylene or cellophane bags, Color Film and Paper-Plastic Composite Woven Bag,Color Film and Plastic Composite Woven Bag,Composite-Plastic Woven Bag,Plastic Woven Bag of Inner Mucous Membrane.

1. Various types of paper-plastic composite bags are used for packaging of PVC, rubber powder, cellulose and other chemical products.

2. Various types of color compound film woven bags are used for packaging various chemical raw materials, kaolin and other products.

3. Various types of inner compound woven bags are used for chemical fertilizers and other chemical products packaging.

4. Various types of plastic lined bags and plastic bags.

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