Container flexitank loading operation recommended scenario 6

container flexitank

(2) preparation before unloading
1, try to Container flexitank in the nearest storage location;
2, to ensure that the position in front of the slow ramp;
3, Container flexitank door is not damaged, the closure is still intact;
4, ready fittings and hoses;
5, slowly open the door on the right.
(III) unloading
1, The Container flexitank pipe connected to a solid discharge pipe;
2, open the extraction device so that the liquid sucked into the storage tank;
3, ensure that the hose enough slack can let the liquid flow;
4, when the Container flexitank liquid level drops to about 10 cm, open the left side of the door, remove the top of the fence;
5, 2 ~ 3 people into the container at the end, together with lift the end of the edge portion of the liquid bag, help the goods flow into the valve near the location, to facilitate the continued discharge of the remaining liquid;
6, the above action can be repeated until the pump unloading finished, until the pump unloading clean so far;
7, remove the bottom of the fence.