Container flexitank loading operation recommended scenario 5

Container flexitank

Third, Container flexitank packing and subsequent processing
(A), loading
1, ready to close the left door before loading can start charging;
2, check the doorstop is strong after closing the left door;
3, on the left side of the door handle as close as possible, to affix a warning label and listing;
4, the packing process to take pictures to retain photos, each box provides no less than 6 photos, which
Inside 2, outside 4, the picture requires a clear picture, framing complete, can the facts
Reflect the status of the container. After loading the goods reinforcement, both sides of the door open, according to the requirements of the photo can be a true reflection of the cargo container loading and reinforcement, the best can clearly show the inner wall of the container number;
5, ready before loading fittings and hoses;
6, carefully loading hose with joints into the container;
7, the loading tube connected to the Container flexitank valve;
8, such as with an exhaust pipe, exhaust flange mounted to the liquid bag, the exhaust pipe head rubber band tied to the right corner of the door hanging ring fixed;
9, start loading, loading volume according to the weight range of loading requirements for loading;
10, check for leaks, loading process found a leak, immediately stop loading, and make the appropriate replacement process;
11, once the normal loading is completed, close the valve and remove the loading tube;
12, close the Container flexitank valve, and tighten the valve cock with a wrench;
13, close the container door and closed to transport, as far as possible to avoid the case of the door is stretched occurs, require Container flexitank after sealing, together with the other three locks, the other with wire reinforcement;
14, container liquid bag temperature to be used in accordance with the safe range, the use of the outside air temperature conditions between -15℃~+50℃, filling the goods temperature conditions between 0℃~+50℃, Container flexitank mechanical strength in this temperature range is not lower than the required value.