Railway flexitank loading operation recommended scenario 3

container flexitank

Internal preparation and packing of containers
Interior preparation of the container
Carefully check the cleaning of internal walls and floors, can not have can cause damage to the liquid bag sharp obtuse angle, angular existence, box wall wire, and floor nails, etc. must be promptly removed, uneven should do polished treatment;
container flexitank
1, container flexitank use must meet the requirements of the railway standard and pass the railway certification and meet the testing quality and safety certification report, as shown in Figure:
2, Prepare the doorstop and inventory spare parts is complete, ready to install;
3, check the liquid bag packaging box is damaged;
4, Check The Railway flexitank valve and the edge is damaged and broken, if found obvious damage must be replaced immediately;
5, Railway flexitank after the installation of a good liquid bag information recording.