Basic data and material composition of Dry bulk liner

Dry bulk liner

Dry bulk liner, also known as container dry bags, dry packaging. It is usually placed in a standard container of 20’/30’/40’and can carry large tonnages of fluidized solid bulk particles and powdered products. Because it is containerized transport, compared to the traditional woven bag packing and tons of bags transport mode has a unit volume, easy handling, reduce labor, goods without secondary pollution and so on.

There are three kinds of container making materials: PE film, PP / PE coating woven cloth.PE film / PE woven cloth is mainly used for moisture-proof requirements more stringent products.

The Dry bulk liner is designed according to the customer’s loading and unloading equipment. According to the customer’s loading and unloading, it can be equipped with loading and unloading cargo port (sleeve), zipper and other design.

Dry bulk liner material composition´╝Ü

Main material PE / PP woven cloth — 140gsm or according to customer requirements.

PE film — 0.10-0.15 mm, or according to customer requirements

Barrel-shaped inlet with an air outlet, suitable for loading with a hairdryer

Rectangular feed opening with zips (expandable) suitable for Belt loading

Number of discharge ports, according to customer requirements

Baffle PP / PE woven cloth or PE film, according to customer requirements

Square steel 40x40x3x2420mm, 4 / 5 / 6 Root, according to customer requirements.