Several principles of conductive Container bag design.

conductive Container bag

Several principles of conductive Container bag design.

Container bag now in the transport industry in the application is very common, mainly because of the use of Container bag can achieve container unit of transport, Container bag is generally used for Crane or forklift transport, more suitable for the shipment of bulk powder granular materials. Container bag there are other different types, such as conductive Container bag, conductive Container bag is also known as anti-static Container bag. Conductive Container bag is woven in the bag body through the cloth and Sling grounding conductive wire from the conductive effect. It can also effectively remove static electricity generated at the time of loading and unloading. It is possible to effectively prevent the occurrence of explosion and other dangerous accidents. Conductive Container bag is generally used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry packaging of dangerous goods. So here we take a look at the conductive Container bag design several principles.


Mainly refers to the strength of the Container bag. In the design according to the density of the goods (by the density of the goods can be calculated surplus economic and reasonable Container bag size)and status (powdery need leak-proof, granular without leakage), containing the weight of the load, but also consider the transport distance how much distance and the number of handling, the use of what means of transport and


Different packaging materials, different sealing requirements. Such as powder or toxic materials, for fear of contamination of the sealing performance requirements are very strict, easy to damp or mildew of the airtight material also has special requirements.

3.Use of sex

In the design of Container bag, we should give full consideration to the specific ways and means of customers to use Container bag, such as lifting, transportation, loading material performance.


Should be based on the user’s conditions of use, reasonable selection of materials, reasonable ratio. Plastic products in the sun exposure under the anti-aging ability are currently more concerned about the problem, but also Container bag in the actual use of the process often encountered problems.

According to the above information, we can know the Container bag design principles of a total of four aspects, namely security, tightness, usability, and storage. These four aspects can be said to be the basic conditions of the Container bag design if the Container bag in the design did not meet these four conditions, it can be said that the Container bag is substandard products, can not be applied to the industry. So everyone in the design of Container bag must meet these four basic conditions, so as to ensure the quality of Container bag!