Types of container Container flexitank

Container flexitank

For different liquid characteristics, using different specifications and standards of liquid bag material.
  (1) Food Special liquid Container flexitank: for food special liquid bag, all materials must all meet food hygiene standards.
  (2) chemical liquid Container flexitank: chemical liquid mostly has a strong corrosive, corrosive chemical supply for the use of special anti-corrosive materials and valves.
  (3) grease special liquid Container flexitank: grease special liquid bag, suitable for all kinds of grease liquid transportation.
  (4) high-temperature liquid Container flexitank: for the need for high-temperature storage or transport of liquid, the use of high temperature resistant liquid bag material.
  (5) according to different transportation requirements, the liquid bag can be divided into the double layer (1 1) Three Layer (2 1)four-layer (3 1)Five Layer (4 1).

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